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GK Amplification 3 Pro

Gallien-Krueger bass amplifiers that have become legendary.

Based on 1300+ satisfied customers

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This Amp Has Balls

Embrace three precisely crafted amps, enhanced with the Smart Gate and Compressor. The reworked UI ensures effortless creativity. GK Amplification 3 Pro leads the rebellion of sound!

Become a legend​

Three amps to change the world​

800 RB

Born in 1982, 800RB is a part of the 1980s rock legacy. The introduction of its Bi-amp technology fundamentally changed the amp game of the era.

MB 150

Small yet powerful. Across all genres, from jazz to rock, the parametric mids EQ of MB150 always brings the ideal mix-ready tone to your fingertips.

2001 RB

With its two channels, powerful Bi-amp technology, active 4-band EQ, and Voicing controls, this amp defines the classic GK sound.

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Build your dream rig​

3 matching cabinets with both woofer and tweeter options. Compare cabinets with the A-B control to find the perfect pair.
9 industry-standard microphones deliver all the color shades you might want. Change the position, angle, and mic distance based on your style.

Benefit from

Intuitive Smart Gate using the advanced Learn function sets the perfect threshold quicker than you say “bass”.

Super useful Compressor effectively tames your dynamic range whenever needed.

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GK Amplification 3 Pro

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