About us


We develop software applications, software effects and hardware processors and support the professional and personal growth of all music enthusiasts.

Audified’s innovative attitude to software and hardware development combined with their rebellious spirit has made them leader in the music industry. Whether you’re a producer, engineer or musician, Audified’s products and expertise will help you achieve your creative vision and take your audio projects to the next level.


We are a team of developers, designers, producers and rebels who have a passion about music development and the work we create together. Our shared love for music and the music community drives us to create incredible things for you.



Audified was founded more than 20 years ago with the mission to level up the music production workflow, add new aesthetic value to their customers’ work while helping them achieve the best results.

The main goal of the Audified team is to continuously focus on shaping the future of technology in this area. That’s why we are dedicated to empowering music talents and fostering a community of music professionals who are driven to succeed and make a significant impact on the industry.




We started under the DSound brand. A young engineer and co-owner of DISK Multimedia Petr Krkavec with a bunch of enthusiastic students from the Brno University programmed the first DirectX plug-ins – Simple Audio Plug-in Pack 1, containing Parametric EQ, Delay and Modulation effects.




DSound was the first to come up with the idea of a SW plugin for guitarists. At the MusicMesse 2000, we introduced the Stomp’n FX guitar effects package.


First NAMM Show

The first trip to the NAMM show in the USA, where we presented our Stomp’n FX plugins. The response was very positive.

DSound was one of the first brands in the industry to have plugins running on Mac OS X  that year.

We started to work more intensively with the Brno University of Technology. This cooperation is still ongoing.



Stomp Boxes

DSound had released two sets of SW stomp boxes. The set supported complete guitar sound processing both for distorted and acoustic guitars. There was no solution for comfortable live performance using a computer on the market back then. DSound came up with the idea of RT Player, and we developed this low-latency VST host later the same year.



DSound offered another set of software guitar pedals, a set of mastering effects and a new host for live playing.
We revamped our RT Player application, and GT Player was born, aimed squarely at guitarists.
As the first company worldwide, we had a native Mac OS X application opening the VST plug-ins.


TC Electronic

We created the first 3rd party plug-in for TC Electronic accelerator PowerCore. It was a model of the very popular TL-Audio interface.


Birth of Audiffex

We changed the name to Audiffex. DSound became a problematic brand name in the web-searching era. A Swedish band, Windows DLL, and several others had the same name, so change was due. We continued cooperation with several renowned companies, e.g., M-Audio or TC Electronic as Audiffex.


Hello Gallien-Krueger!

This was a year of many new and exciting partnerships, such as the first version of the realistic simulation of solid state bass amps – GK Amplification and a unique software application for company M-Audio – NRV mixer.


Opportunity calls...

We have expanded our scope to the development of software for the theatre scene and software for recording court proceedings.

We have started working on developing software for these institutions.


InTone was born.

RT Player and GT Player are replaced by inTone. AmpLion – Fully featured guitar processor was born this year


How about HardWare?!

We started to flirt with the idea of developing our own Hardware.

University partnership

The cooperation on research of audio technologies with the Technical University of Brno continues.

Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno chooses Audiffex as a partner for a project bringing technologies to music education at the highest level.

We created several software solutions, and we established and began teaching new lectures at the Academy.


Developing unique projects.

We constructed a modular multichannel superior-quality interface with an embedded computer – another venture of development in the audio space at the time.


Audio Engeneering Program

As a result of the project with the Janacek Academy of Arts and thanks to the cooperation with Technical University, we created a concept of an Audio Engineering university program, which both universities accepted as an inter-university field of studies. We started teaching future audio engineers. 


We delivered our first Hardware product to our partner’s mixing consoles. This special board addresses feedback in the sound system in several hundred churches built between the 14th and 21st centuries.


Courd Rec

Our SW system is installed in the most prestigious place: the Constitutional Court. Special custom hardware was supplied by a company from Germany.



Audified was originally an internally developed web portal name for hardware and professional solutions released under the brands D-Sound, Audiffex or solutions based on our collaboration with other companies. We have presented new hardware prototypes and products at trade shows and to potential clients already under the Audified brand. At MusicMesse we presented the first prototype of the Auto mix – Scene Box Automixer.


New Exciting Products!

From 2015 we introduced a new name Audified. This also indicated a change in company culture, we focused much more on products and effects, and we developed our know-how of accurate analogue device simulation, which blossomed into popular products like the U73b Compressor, U78 Saturator and RZ062 Equalizer. We have proudly ventured into other product categories to meet the needs of audio professionals around the world. One category in which we paved the way for many others was reference equipment simulation. Thus was born our most popular plugin of all time – MixChecker.

We have publicly switched to the name AUDIFIED only!


Better Design

We changed the graphic design from 2D to fully 3D modeled. We have talented artists creating graphical user interfaces with incredible detail.



Synergy R1

Synergy R1 – Audified Hardware Hall with API 500 saturation. The first swallow of our own hardware product that we launched on the market.

The Audified Synergy R1 Reverb is a unique and versatile audio processing module designed for 500 series lunchboxes. It combines digital reverb capabilities with analog saturation circuits. The digital reverb section offers seven high-quality algorithms, ranging from Room to Tunnel, with precise control over parameters like pre-delay, decay, and a powerful color parameter. The analog section features three switchable premium saturation circuits, allowing you to add warmth and character to your audio. The USB connectivity enables seamless integration with your DAW for remote control and automation. It’s a blend of digital and analog processing, providing creative sound shaping in a compact form factor.


AUDIFIED became a standalone legal company

Since 1998, our brands DSound, Audiffex and Audified were just brand names and we were doing our business under DISK Multimedia Ltd. Now we are a standalone private company maintaining good relations with the DISK Multimedia team.

We released new SW products: DW Drum Enhancer, RecAll, MultiDrive Pedal Pro, MixChecker Pro and SpeakUp.



Development HW for Courts

We have finished the development of the Flexible Audio System For Courts, a complete solution for multichannel processing, recording playback for government. The system was selected to be installed in more than 1300 court rooms. We have substantially strengthened the team for the development, production and implementation of this contract. The work on FAPS has become our main focus for a long time.

We introduced the ToneSpot series – an all-in-one mixing station for all instruments. ToneSpot won praise and became a hit – proving that building a comprehensive product from the ground up without any templates or patterns is our forte.

2020 - 2022

Implementation of FAPS

We implement the first phase of production and delivery of the recording system for the FAPS courts.


Significant Changes

AUDIFIED has undergone many significant changes in recent years, from leadership and core team to more agile development methods and focused product management. These changes have led to the most significant changes we’ve made to date – forging a new path to fulfill Audified’s potential and bring musicians, engineers, producers and creators the tools that work best for them.


With the launch of the new website, we’re bringing a simplified and much more focused product portfolio and a new licensing mechanism. We are rewriting our Rebellion into the visual and corporate identity we and our customers have been waiting for.


The rebels were born

Our roots go back to the 1990s when we started as DSound with the flagship product Stonp’nFX (SW guitar effects that enabled studio and live performance) and this paved the way for us in the industry. At the end of 2000, DSound changed its name to Audiffex and we started creating more plugins. We also established many collaborations with TC-Electronics and M-Audio, and during this time the first version of one of our most successful products was born – GK Amplification, a collaborative product with legendary bass amplifier builder Gallien Krueger. We also doubled down on our guitar plugins, which led to the birth of AmpLion.

Audiffex also focused on cooperation with the most important educational institutions in the country, such as the Janáček Academy of Arts and the Technical University in Brno. We were also responsible for establishing the first university study program in Audio Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies VUT in Brno. Future audio engineers, sound engineers and developers studied here, and many of them even work in our company today.


Oh man, that sounds good

Since 2015, we have introduced the new name Audified. This indicated a change in the company’s culture as well, focusing much more on products and effects and so we established our know-how of precise simulation of analog gear, which bloomed into beloved products such as the u73b Compressor, U78 Saturator, and RZ062 Equalizer. We have proudly ventured into additional product categories to meet the needs of audio professionals around the world. One of the categories in which we paved the way for many others was the simulation of reference devices. That’s why our most popular plugin of all time – MixChecker – was born.

2019 was one of our most significant years in history. We introduced the ToneSpot series – an all-in-one mixing station for all instruments. ToneSpot won praise and became a hit – proving that building a comprehensive product from the ground up without any templates or patterns is our forte. Audified was even approached by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic to develop a complete recording system for Czech courtrooms. We accepted the challenge and were able to design, build and test the system ourselves. Overcoming this challenge demonstrated and solidified our hardware and firmware know-how – an important asset we have in the company today.


The boys are back in tone

Audified has gone through many changes significantly in recent years, from management and core team to more agile development methods and targeted product management. These changes lead to the most significant changes we’ve made yet – blazing a new path to fulfill Audified’s potential and bring musicians, engineers, producers and creators the tools that work best for them.

With the launch of the new website, we bring a simplified and much more targeted product portfolio and a new licensing mechanism. We are rewriting our rebellion in the visual and corporate identity that we and our customers have been waiting for.

The future is bright – major upgrades to popular products and the use of AI technology to create new ones are already on the horizon. We can’t wait to share them with you!


1A Equalizer


Linda IronVerb


GK Amplification 3 PRO

MixChecker PRO

Bundle Boutique Studio

U73b Compressor

RZ062 Equalizer

U78 Saturator