George Shilling: Q&A and what he loves about U78 Saturator!

George Shilling is a record producer with both music and engineering backgrounds. He studied cello, then trained at Livingston Studios. After building his studio in 2005, George does the majority of his work from there – working with bands, solo artists, and composers. He started a music project Sundae Club with a friend in 2001 – a combination of electronic, pop, and ambient music.

Once we got in touch with George, we decided to introduce him to the Audified audience and share some of his thoughts with you. 

What is your current main focus? What is your current most important project?

I have diversified into many areas and have all kinds of projects going on. In the last year, I have performed occasional live shows with Nikki Loy, whose album I produced and played on.

What are the main projects you are the most proud of?

I made arrangements for Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath in the last few years and have mixed a few projects for Frank Turner. However, I’m still proud of early successes like The Soup Dragons’ “I’m Free” and Yazz’s “The Only Way Is Up.” Along the way, other projects emerged – like an album with Steve Winwood and collaborations with Porcupine Tree, Mike Oldfield, and Stornoway.

What Audified tools do you use, and what for?

I’ve only acquired a few of them recently. I particularly like the saturation of the U78 Saturator, which is the kind of plugin I love – adding some analog-sounding degradation to make things sound more exciting and colorful.

What makes you want to use the particular products?

Ergonomics, reliability, and ease of use are just as important as sound quality – if you get distracted by the former, you can’t focus on the latter!

How do you check your mixes? Do you use MixChecker Pro?

I like to listen on my big ATCs and then my trusted Grado headphones, often the Auratones MixCube, and for the ultimate test – the car! I learned about MixChecker Pro from a friend of mine, Emre, and only got it recently, but it seems cool and useful. And like other Audified plugins, it has a great-looking graphic interface.

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